What is Improvement Science?

Improvement science is a powerful tool that you can use to produce effective results in your school’s performance. Originating in fields such as engineering and health care, its principal foundation has been found to be such an effective school improvement methodology that it is quickly becoming a signature pedagogy and core subject area of inquiry in the field of educational leadership and school improvement.

“...improvement science will serve as a useful framework to undergird our continuous improvement efforts to alleviate inequities in education.”

Gloria Ladson-Billings, PhD
President, National Academy of Education
Fellow, American Academy of Arts & Sciences
Professor Emerita, University of Wisconsin, Madison

“These books are a must for public school educators and public school districts looking to better understand how improvement science methods can lead to contextual school improvement. The series builds foundational understanding of the core principles of improvement science and systems-level change with attention to the key methods, tools and processes involved. In addition, the authentic examples of improvement science in practice from educators engaged in the work offer insight into how our public schools can truly get better at getting better!”

Bill Eagle
Associate Director of Student Success & Learning
North Central Educational Service District

Who can use Improvement Science?

  • Public School Districts
  • Colleges of Education
  • Training Institutes
  • Professional Development Programs
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