Kimberlee Everson

Dr. Kimberlee K. C. Everson is an associate professor of research methods at Western Kentucky University where she teaches graduate-level research and statistics courses. Her methodological specialties are in improvement science, Q sorting methodology, scale development, propensity score matching, and latent variable models. She conducts research in the areas of teacher evaluation and accountability, faculty professional development, dissertation design, artificial intelligence in education, and religious belief change processes. Her work has been featured in journals such as Review of Educational Research, Harvard Educational Review, and Pastoral Psychology. Dr. Everson is the mother of 3 biological children, 5 adopted children, 7 stepchildren, and she has eleven grandchildren and counting. When she is not teaching, advising, or doing research she enjoys hiking and creating art.

Books by Kimberlee Everson:

The Importance of the Dissertation in Practice (DiP)
A Resource Guide for EdD Students, Their Committee Members and Advisors, and Departmental and University Leaders Involved with EdD Programs

The Importance of the Dissertation in Practice (DiP): A Resource Guide for EdD Students, Their Committee Members and Advisors, and Departmental and University Leaders Involved with EdD Programs is the first book-length study that looks at the elements of high-quality Dissertations in Practice (DiPs). It serves as a resource for EdD students, their committee members, their advisors, and departmental or university leaders involved with EdD programs. The book can be used to improve support from key stakeholders within EdD programs for the implementation of the DiP in the development of practitioner-scholars.

The first section of the book discusses the difference between the DiP and traditional dissertations, the history of the DiP, and how the practitioner-scholar is developed through the DiP process. Next, the book describes the elements that are reflective of a high-quality DiP. Finally, it addresses a few of the unique formats that are sometimes used with the DiP, some of the practical issues with implementing the DiP, and issues of the future including the use of artificial intelligence.

The ultimate goal of The Importance of the Dissertation in Practice is to serve as a practical guide for all those involved with the DiP, reflecting the editors’ and authors’ experiences working with students within a variety of higher education institutions.

Perfect for courses such as: Introduction to Research Methods (doctoral level); Improvement Science; Applied Research Methods; Advanced Research Methods; Introduction to the Dissertation; Educational Evaluation; Theory of Change in Education; Educational Policy

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