Academy for Educational Studies Series
A Case for Kindness
A New Look at the Teaching Ethic
Published: July 2019
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Published: July 2019
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Published: August 2019

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Published: August 2019
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6" x 9"
Language: English

“Simple acts of kindness” are not so simple. Broidy argues both for the complexity of kindness in action, and for the value of an approach to teachers’ relationship with their students and other clients that is rooted in a “sensibility of kindness.” Broidy’s case for kindness begins by disentangling the concept of kindness from its many near relations. He traces the role of kindness and related concepts in both American educational history and in modern organizations promoting their versions of kindness.

Broidy explores the ways we decide ethical questions, focusing on the complex of perceptions, emotions, dispositions, and priorities that form our ethical sensibilities. He argues that a sensibility oriented toward kindness is the best foundation for a teaching ethic; and shows how new and working teachers can develop and employ such a teaching ethic.

Finally, he connects a kindness-oriented teaching ethic to the societal need to maintain and develop a long-term democratic ideal.

Perfect for courses such as: Foundations, Philosophy of Education, Introduction to Education, Methods, Professional Ethics, Teacher Education

Table of Contents:



Chapter 1. Education, Ethics, and Kindness

Chapter 2. The Meaning of Kindness

Chapter 3. Sensibility and the Logic of Ethical Judgment

Chapter 4. Developing a Kindness-oriented Teaching Ethic

Chapter 5. Kindness and the Democratic Ideal



Reviews & Endorsements:

"With a prosecutor’s precision, Steve Broidy prevails in A Case for Kindness: A New Look at the Teaching Ethic in arguing for a kindness-oriented teaching ethic (KOTE) by systematically unpacking its definition, construct, components for moral decision-making, how it is operationalized, and ultimately its connection to American educational ideals. While new definitions of kindness are likely to arise and prove ephemeral in nature, given the simplicity with which Broidy writes, A Case for Kindness will surely stand the test of time as the definitive guidebook on kindness. . . . Upon reflection, the reader will be convinced that Broidy has effectively made a case for kindness as a teaching ethic that serves as fuel for student-teacher relationships. The five chapters in A Case for Kindness elegantly frame the argument for kindness as a teaching ethic and offer renewed clarity about a term whose meaning we all thought we knew. Broidy’s methodical approach to unearthing kindness will help educational stakeholders reconsider how it is comprised, manifested, and how it functions as an essential building block of democracy as an educational ideal. Kindness. Never has such a little word commanded such analytical diligence." (Click HERE to read full review.)

"The right book at the right time. Broidy offers readers a scholarly examination of kindness, both sociologically and educationally. In our current era of increasing tribalism and unkindness – exhibited daily on the evening news, Broidy offers a path forward toward more healthy classrooms and a more deliberative society by mapping a direct link between kindness, immediacy and democracy."

Phil Kelly, Ph.D., Professor Curriculum, Instruction, and Foundational Studies, Boise State University

"All educators are familiar with the power of kindness in the teaching-learning process. So much of our success depends on the quality of the student-teacher relationship. Classrooms and schools like personal relationships have marked boundaries and our ability to transcend those boundaries is greatly enhanced by kindness. This book helps makes the argument of why this is so and why our attention to kindness goes to the heart of moral education. Diverting our attention from this topic lessens what it means to be human and humane."

Paul Wangemann, Ph.D., Associate Professor David O. McKay School of Education, Brigham Young University

"Steve Broidy’s A Case For Kindness is a convincing call for the development and cultivation of kindness in the classroom. He provides careful contextualization and clear definition of just what kindness is and how it should form a teaching ethic. All sorts of teachers can benefit from reading and considering Broidy’s much-needed and thoughtful book."

Christopher Beckham, Ph.D., Instructor, Foundational and Graduate Studies in Education, Morehead State University