Candid Advice for New Faculty Members
A Guide to Getting Tenure and Advancing Your Academic Career
Published: March 2021
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Published: March 2021
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Published: March 2021
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Published: March 2021
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6" x 9"
Language: English

If you want to achieve tenure, you should know a bit more about what it means and why it exists, and its benefits. All too often, even faculty don’t understand why tenure is important."

Thus begins the Preface of Candid Advice for New Faculty Members, the newest and most comprehensive “how to” guide for graduate students, post-docs, and junior faculty across a variety of academic disciplines. Drawing upon her own extensive experiences and that of many colleagues, Marybeth Gasman provides you with an incredibly valuable tool for attaining tenure and for the things that you should do to advance your academic career. She provides practical (and sometimes humorous) advice about a range of topics, including:

  • negotiating job offers
  • planning a research agenda
  • improving your teaching skills
  • managing service
  • advising students
  • applying for research grants
  • achieving life/work balance
  • managing academic politics
In addition to this valuable career advice, Gasman provides a peek behind the academy’s curtain by painting a vivid picture of the inner workings of the academy and all of its players. Candid Advice for New Faculty Members is required reading for every newly-minted faculty member, regardless of academic discipline. The wisdom provided in this volume will prove to be invaluable to your future career.

Perfect for courses such as: Doctoral seminars across various disciplines, College and University Teaching, Graduate Student Research Seminars, Professional Development Seminars

Table of Contents:



Introduction: Reflections on My Journey to the Professoriate

1. You Got the Offer, Now What?

2. How to Plan a Research Agenda and Publish

3. How to Teach at Your Best

4. How Do I Manage Service?

5. Advising for Success

6. Do I Have to Apply for Grants?

7. Surviving Faculty Politics

8. How Do I Achieve Work/Life Balance?

9. And the Rest of the Job…

Concluding Thoughts

Epilogue: What if I’m a Woman and/or a Person of Color? Three Interviews

Appendix A: Peer-Reviewed Journal Matrix

Appendix B: Books on Writing

Appendix C: Establishing a Center or Institute

Appendix D: Sample Tenure Essay

Appendix E: Tips for Online Teaching

Appendix F: Suggested Outline for CV

Appendix G: Select Funders for Academic Research

Appendix H: Select List of Fellowships

Appendix I: Consulting and Public Speaking Log

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About the Illustrator


NOTE: Table of contents subject to change up until publication date.