Navigating Media Literacy
A Pedagogical Tour of Disneyland
Published: July 2020
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Published: July 2020
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Published: July 2020
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Published: July 2020
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6" x 9"
Language: English

Navigating Media Literacy: A Pedagogical Tour of Disneyland is an education playbook applied to the vast mediated universe of Disney. Readers of all ages can critically apply media literacy principles while still conscientiously participating as consumer-citizens, media creators, and agents of change. Media literacy is defined throughout this book as an instructional method rather than a political movement.

The book counterbalances the frequently myopic critiques of cultural scholars and the critical exemption granted by those across the world who find Disney to be a source of great pleasure. Integrated theory and practical examples allow readers to investigate of themselves and draw their own conclusions based on real inquisitive, observatory, and creative experiences that constitute media literacy (access, analyze, evaluate, create, reflect and act). Each chapter is ideologically mapped to an actual physical realm of Disneyland (e.g., Main Street, USA; Adventureland; Tomorrowland; Frontierland; Fantasyland). Each site provides a pedagogical playground for experimenting with each media literacy concept (e.g., context, audience, language, ownership, representation). The reader will come away with a deeper pedagogical understanding of how to cultivate media literacy using any context or subject—not just Disney. Each chapter includes discursive excerpts from students, along with assignments, discussion prompts, and classroom exercises, making it a valuable resource as a classroom textbook.

Table of Contents:

List of figures and tables



Chapter One: Mapping Student Perspectives

Chapter Two: Touring the Realms of Media Literacy

Chapter Three: Reconstructing History

Chapter Four: Navigating Audience

Chapter Five: Imagineering Language

Chapter Six: Crossing Borders of Authorship and Ownership

Chapter Seven: Dreaming of Representation





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