Culture and Society in Higher Education Series
Foundations, Research, and Assessment of Fraternities and Sororities
Retrospective and Future Considerations
Published: December 2019
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Published: December 2019
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Published: December 2019

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Published: December 2019
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7" x 10"
Language: English

Foundations, Research, and Assessment of Fraternities and Sororities is inspired by continuing conversations about the enduring challenges facing fraternities and sororities on campuses across the country. The co-editors curate contributions from scholars and noteworthy practitioners from across higher education to examine a variety of issues relating to the past and future construct of these institutions. The text begins with a historical section that provides a perspective on the origins of fraternities and sororities. Other sections look at such critical areas as values, legal issues, and research. Values are described regarding the values congruence movement and acknowledging emerging areas of the individual fraternity and sorority experience. Legal issues include freedom of speech, hazing law, and risk management. Additional profiles of large, national benchmark surveys are included, and the book concludes with a final overview of the state of fraternity/sorority scholarship. This volume will appeal to a broad readership made up of faculty, administrations and alumni/ae.

Perfect for courses such as: Fraternity and Sorority Leadership | Undergraduate Student Issues | Professional Development Circles | Discussion Groups | Graduate Seminars | Individual Reading Reflection | Introduction to Student Affairs | Contemporary Issues in Higher Education

Table of Contents:

Pietro A. Sasso, J. Patrick Biddix, and Mónica Lee Miranda

Foreword: Faculty Reflection on Fraternity/Sorority Life
Roger “Mitch” Nasser Jr.

Part One: Historical Foundations

1. Fraternities and Sororities as a Student Movement
Pietro A. Sasso, Roger “Mitch” Nasser Jr., Bilal Badruddin, and Fran Becque

2. History of Asian American Greek-Letter Organizations
Bryan Dosono, Bilal Badruddin, and Vigor W. H. Lam

3. NALFO: A Retrospective y Hacia Adelante
Mónica Lee Miranda, Keith D. Garcia, and Juan R. Guardia

4. From Halls to House: The Proliferation of Fraternity Housing
Pietro A. Sasso and Thea Zunick

Part Two: Legal Issues

5. Protected Speech or Illegal Behavior: Fraternity Activities in a World of Campus Insecurity
Dennis E. Gregory

6. Fraternal Law
Mitch Kamrass

7. Hazing in Fraternities and Sororities
Jenny Nirh

Part Three: Values and Student Development

8. The Position of Fraternity and Sorority Values in College Student Development
Ashley Tull, Justine Grace, and Colin Nelson-Pinkston

9. Membership and Values: Dissonance and Opportunities
Denise L. Davidson and Mark Bauman

10. Looking Inward: Meaning Making, Spirituality, and the Fraternal Experience
Robert Jason Lynch

Part Four: Diversity and Inclusion

11. Cultivating Cultures of Inclusion: A Leadership Development Approach
Leonard Taylor Jr. and Shirdonna Lawrence

12. The Divine Nine in Contemporary Higher Education: A Critical Race Perspective
Shanna E. Smith and Dorian L. McCoy

13. Race and Privilege in Fraternity and Sorority Life: Considerations for Practice and Research
Crystal E. Garcia and Zachary E. Shirley

Part Five: Research

14. The State of Fraternity/Sorority Research
James P. Barber, J. Patrick Biddix, Grahaeme A. Hesp, Eric Norman, and Daniel A. Bureau

15. Development and Use of the Fraternity and Sorority Experience Survey
Cynthia A. Cogswell, Kevin Fosnacht, Dawn M. Maynen, Steven Veldkamp, and Gary R. Pike

16. Contributing to Learning and Development? Exploring the Impact of Fraternity and Sorority Membership
Georgianna L Martin, Brian Garsh, and Michael S. Hevel



Reviews & Endorsements:

“This text is a must-read for anyone who works in Higher Education. Each chapter provides a well written account of the fraternity and sorority movement addressing the complex foundations of fraternities and sororities. The state of fraternity and sorority life has been, currently is and will probably always be challenged, however, there continues to be a need for such organizations on college campuses. As someone who works with college students on a daily basis and through my professional associations, I have learned so much from this publication and the rich history we all embrace.”

“This text is a much needed read for leaders in higher education. It blends organizational history and culture with discussions of some of the critical issues facing campuses today. As higher education professionals seek to build leaders and programs that align with institutional values, this text provides thoughtful study and practical assessment of the fraternity and sorority experience.”

Kathryn Cavins-Tull, Texas Christian University Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs