Qualitative Research Methodologies: Traditions, Designs, and Pedagogies Series
Exploring the Archives
A Beginner's Guide for Qualitative Researchers
Published: May 2021
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Published: May 2021
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Published: May 2021
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Published: May 2021
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6" x 9"
Language: English

This book offers qualitative researchers an entrée into the world of working with archival repositories and special collections. It serves as a primer for students and researchers who might not be familiar with these sorts of collections, but with an interest in what has become known as the “archival turn,” in which the use of archival materials and artifacts in contemporary research has increased dramatically since the 1990s. Suited to novice researchers seeking a general introduction into how special collections are created and how they can be used, the book offers useful, clear guidance on using different types of archives, developing topics for research within the archives, assessing materials available, how to work with archivists and curators, documenting the research process, and writing up an archival study. Archival records and material culture (including manuscripts, documents, audio- and video-recordings, and visual and material culture) housed in special collections provide a wealth of resources for qualitative researchers seeking to conduct research in the social sciences.

Perfect for courses in: Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods | Research Methods in Higher Education | Exploring Archival Collections | Family Studies | Community Research | Introduction to Special Collections Research

Table of Contents:

List of Figures and Tables

List of Abbreviations



ONE Introduction

TWO  Entering the Archives
Reflection 1 Permissions From the President and Missing Materials: The Challenges of Archival Research
Amanda Ingram

THREE  Examples of Archival Research

FOUR  Archiving Principles and Accessing Archival Collections
Reflection 2 You Won’t Find It Online: Entering the Archives to Tell the Story of the B-52s
Brigette Adair Herron and Scott Creney

FIVE Developing and Implementing a Research Study in the Archives
Reflection 3  Entering the Archives: Developing a Topic
E. Anthony Muhammad

Reflection 4  Entering the Archives: Developing a Topic
Judith Brauer

Reflection 5  The Dark Room: Thomas Evan Walker’s Journey from Pennsgrove, N.J. to France and Back
Kathleen deMarrais

SIX  Digital Repositories and Archiving Qualitative Data
Reflection 6 Accessing Online Repositories
Janie Copple

SEVEN Politics and the Archives
Reflection 7 Lucy and Her Sisters
Jean Swindle

EIGHT  Doing Quality Research with Archives
Reflection 8  Are Some Skeletons Best Left in the Closet? Ethics of Family Research Involving Illicit Activities
Jamie B. Lewis

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NOTE: Table of Contents is subject to change up until publication date.