Explorations in Qualitative Inquiry Series
Reflecting on Autoethnographic and Phenomenological Experiences
A Caregiver’s Journey
Published: June 2021
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Published: June 2021
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Published: July 2021
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Published: July 2021
6" x 9"
Language: English

Reflecting on Autoethnographic and Phenomenological Experiences: A Caregiver’s Journey is a unique critical qualitative inquiry study that uses the author’s experience as a caregiver to his wife suffering from dementia as the basis of a critical autoethnography. It explores components of positive caregiving that may be not only melancholic and empirical, but also emotionally painful. The book employs multiple approaches that include critical narrative, phenomenology, autoethnography and experiential writing. Through a phenomenological lens of an insider that includes self- and other-hood, marriage, career, fatherhood, suicide, despair, triple grief, loss, caregiving, cooking, housekeeping, advocating mind reading, and encouraging, a narrative illustrating self-reflection on particular experiences is constructed. These culminating experiences result in first-hand and didactical understandings by the caregiver. Individual, personal, and subjective interpretation of relational happenings are explored. Reflective journaling and observations of the seasons of marital life seek to understand if and how shared experiences transcend multiple contexts and help the reader understand experiences of dementia. Reflecting on Autoethnographic and Phenomenological Experiences: A Caregiver’s Journey is a volume that will be invaluable to qualitative inquiry researchers, autoethnographers, and those readers interested in the research of caregiving.

Perfect for courses such as: Autoethnography | Advanced Qualitative Inquiry | Disability Studies | Educational Research | Research | Philosophy | Qualitative Research/Inquiry

Table of Contents:

Prologue: Remembering

Chapter 1
Introducing a Caregiver Researcher’s Life

Chapter 2
Ethics and Moral Considerations

Chapter 3
From Caring to Caregiving

Chapter 4
Mixing Critical Qualitative Methods: Autoethnography and Phenomenology

Chapter 5
Safely and Softly Up and Down the Staircase and Axiology


About the Author


Reviews & Endorsements:

"...Donald R. Collins has created a powerful and important research volume on an unbelievably difficult topic as he shares his experiences as a caregiver for his wife. Both researchers and caregivers will benefit from the sharing as the book is a profound teaching tool for those who attempt, and even need, to combine their very personal life and circumstances with their professional research. This combination and the life support and solace it can provide is literally the most important reason to read this volume. Further, the sharing is both intimate and difficult, yet provides life affirming experiences and perspectives for all of us."

Gaile S. Cannella, Independent Scholar, Former Professor Texas A&M University-College Station, Arizona State University-Tempe, and Velma Schmidt Endowed Chairperson, University of North Texas

"As a caregiver of parents with Alzheimer’s and scholar, I found Reflecting on Autoethnographic & Phenomenological Experiences: A Caregiver’s Journey to be a remarkable example of qualitative research methodologies employed in a relatable sense. The author walks the reader through a personal journey as he and his family go from one stage to the next of providing care for their loved one experiencing cognitive memory loss. Its thorough representation of the life of a caregiver is an inspirational must read for medical practitioners, caregivers, and researchers using qualitative methodologies as it provides depth in understanding the changing realities encountered by the author and his children as they manage life and provide care for his wife and their mother in an educational context."

Kamala V. Williams, PhD, Manager, Prairie View A & M University

"Donald Collins’s personal account of caring for his wife in Reflecting on Autoethnographic & Phenomenological Experiences: A Caregiver’s Journey not only chronicles day to day activities but provides interpretations of giving care and what it might mean to his wife. His subjective narrative enlightens clinical nurses, providers, professionals, family, and volunteer caregivers by revealing a glimpse of the attention to intimate detail in caring for his partner. The book is a must read for all caregivers."

Linda Deadrick, RN, MSN

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