The Coming of Age of the Education Doctorate Series
Reclaiming the Education Doctorate
A Guidebook for (re)Designing EdD Programs
Published: January 2024
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Published: January 2024

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Published: January 2024
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6" x 9"
Language: English

Reclaiming the Education Doctorate: A Guidebook for Preparing Scholarly Practitioners is a practical guide for those seeking to (re)design a professional practice doctorate program in education that prepares Scholarly Practitioners. To tackle the comprehensive change process necessary for (re)designing the EdD, this book will guide the reader with an improvement lens that looks at the roots of the confusion of the EdD, the system that created it, and the framework that helped to reclaim it.

Readers will be guided through a backward mapping (re)design process that begins with defining graduate outcomes, maps through the milestones and courses, ends with rethinking the admissions process. Along the way, readers will learn how to design and integrate a dissertation in practice into the curriculum, consider best practices for their program (re)design, and view examples of successful programs. Additionally, to support readers in their (re)design efforts, each chapter will offer exercises, tools, and resources that will guide the process. The book will prove to be an invaluable resource for anyone developing or revising their EdD program.

After the opening chapter that explains the mission statement of Reclaiming the Education Doctorate, Jill Perry structures chapters to deal with the full range of issues that impact EdD programs, including:

  • Roots of the EdD Problem
  • Aim: The Professional Practice Doctorate Driving Change
  • Backward mapping: beginning with the end
  • The heart of the program: Curriculum
  • The beginning: Admitting Candidates
  • Measuring Impact
  • Leading Change

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Roots of the EdD Problem

Chapter 3. Aiming for The Professional Practice Doctorate

Chapter 4. Backward Mapping Starting with the End

Chapter 5. Dissertation in Practice: Final Exam or Leadership Agenda?

Chapter 6. The Heart of the Program: Curriculum

Chapter 7. Ensuring Student Success Beginning with Admissions

Chapter 8. Support Scholarly Practitioners through the Journey

Chapter 9. Has the Test of Change Worked?

Chapter 10. A Personal Journey

Appendix A. Student Learning Outcomes Demonstrated through EdD Program Curriculum

Appendix B. Use of CPED Design-concepts

Appendix C. CPED Principles as an Evaluative Tool

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NOTE: Table of Contents subject to change up until publication date.