The Coming of Age of the Education Doctorate Series
Reclaiming the Education Doctorate
A Guidebook for (re)Designing EdD Programs
Published: December 2023
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Published: December 2023

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Published: December 2023
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6" x 9"
Language: English

Reclaiming the Education Doctorate: A Guidebook for (re)Designing EdD Programs is a practical guide for those seeking to (re)design a professional practice doctorate program in education that prepares Scholarly Practitioners. To tackle the comprehensive change process necessary for (re)designing the EdD, this book will guide the reader with an improvement lens that looks at the roots of the confusion of the EdD, the system that created it, and the framework that helped to reclaim it.

Readers will be guided through a backward mapping (re)design process that begins with defining graduate outcomes, maps through the milestones and courses, ends with rethinking the admissions process. Along the way, readers will learn how to design and integrate a dissertation in practice into the curriculum, consider best practices for their program (re)design, and view examples of successful programs. Additionally, to support readers in their (re)design efforts, each chapter will offer exercises, tools, and resources that will guide the process. The book will prove to be an invaluable resource for anyone developing or revising their EdD program.

After the opening chapter that explains the mission statement of Reclaiming the Education Doctorate, Jill Perry structures chapters to deal with the full range of issues that impact EdD programs, including:

  • Roots of the EdD Problem
  • Aim: The Professional Practice Doctorate Driving Change
  • Backward mapping: beginning with the end
  • The heart of the program: Curriculum
  • The beginning: Admitting Candidates
  • Measuring Impact
  • Leading Change

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Roots of the EdD Problem

Chapter 3. Aiming for The Professional Practice Doctorate

Chapter 4. Backward Mapping Starting with the End

Chapter 5. Dissertation in Practice: Final Exam or Leadership Agenda?

Chapter 6. The Heart of the Program: Curriculum

Chapter 7. Ensuring Student Success Beginning with Admissions

Chapter 8. Support Scholarly Practitioners through the Journey

Chapter 9. Has the Test of Change Worked?

Chapter 10. A Personal Journey

Appendix A. Student Learning Outcomes Demonstrated through EdD Program Curriculum

Appendix B. Use of CPED Design-concepts

Appendix C. CPED Principles as an Evaluative Tool

About the Author


Reviews & Endorsements:

Reclaiming the Education Doctorate: A Guidebook for (re)Designing EdD Programs masterfully navigates the intricacies of reshaping professional practice doctorate programs in education. An indispensable resource, it offers clear strategies for fostering the next generation of Scholarly Practitioners. A must-read for educational leaders and program architects.”

Krishna Bista, EdD, Professor of Higher Education at Morgan State University & Senior Executive Vice President, STAR Scholars, Maryland

Reclaiming the Education Doctorate: A Guidebook for (re)Designing EdD Programs serves as a beacon for academics seeking to (re)design their approach to preparing the next educational leaders. Advocating for students to emerge as leaders for change, this guide underscores the application of research and inquiry in real-world settings. It uniquely bridges theory with tangible professional practice, stressing approaches and methodologies designed for professional practitioners to merge knowledge with action. This book provides a roadmap for redefining professional excellence, urging faculty to look beyond their traditional preparation and to find resources to teach traditional content in applied and practical ways.”

Joseph W. McNabb, PhD, Professor of the Practice, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts

“Framing the development of an educational doctorate as a professional degree and as an improvement project, Perry guides readers through the design process. Her strategic use of improvement tools provides a model for bringing to life the guiding principles of the CPED Framework and the backward mapping process. Whether you are EdD-curious or already flying the plane while you’re building it, Reclaiming the Education Doctorate: A Guidebook for (re)Designing EdD Programs offers ideas, tools, and strategies that can be used immediately, along with food for thought for the long-term transformation of the education doctorate.”

Sarah J. Zuckerman, PhD, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

“For too long, the EdD has faced mystery and confusion, resulting in challenges for faculty who wish to (re)design an EdD program to meet the needs of educational leaders. In response, Reclaiming the Education Doctorate: A Guidebook for (re)Designing EdD Programs makes a groundbreaking contribution by bringing together invaluable knowledge about the history of the degree and a framework for planning and executing an EdD program. If you are a faculty or a student/graduate seeking a tenure-line position in a practice-based program, this book is for you! A powerful aid in supporting all of us who are committed to leading programs that prepare scholarly practitioners.”

Veselina Lambrev, PhD, University of South Florida

“Dr. Jill Perry masterfully describes the genesis, form, function, and distinct characteristics of the EdD in contrast to the PhD Readers will greatly benefit from wisdom derived from decades of research that Dr. Perry has done about EdD programs through her work with the Carnegie Project on the Educational Doctorate. Drawing from research and collaboration with universities nationwide, this book offers concrete examples, tools for program development, and answers to questions that EdD faculty and students perpetually ask. This book is a gift to the field!”

Dr. Joy Howard, Associate Professor, Educational Leadership, Western Carolina University

“This book is not just another tool for faculty seeking to (re)design their EdD program—it is the complete toolbox with a guide for how to tackle what can seem like an insurmountable challenge. For faculty grappling with questions about the purpose of the EdD and what scholarly practitioners should know and be able to do, these chapters offer myriad resources to help them find answers that meet their students’ needs. Wherever faculty are in their program (re)design journey, this book has the right tools to help with innovative ideas to consider and opportunities for reflection along the way.”

Noelle A. Paufler, Associate Professor, Clemson University

“For the nearly two decades that Jill Perry has been the Executive Director of CPED, she has devoted her extraordinary skill set to creating a platform for generative conversation and productive work about the value and use of an Education Doctorate (EdD) as a degree for working professionals who are scholarly practitioners. In this book, she brings her experience and collective work together as a guide for all interested in designing CPED-inspired EdD programs. The conduct of this important work entails supporting faculty in the necessary organizational change required to effectively distinguish the EdD from the PhD. A must read!”

Joy C. Phillips, PhD, Clinical Professor, Drexel University

“Dr. Perry has written a must-read for anyone who is on a journey to re-design or design an Education Doctorate (EdD) program. Not only do you learn about the “why”, but it also navigates you through the “how” with very helpful resources and tools to guide the “thinking” and reflection process. This is a dynamic combination that serves as a springboard for meaningful conversations and action. A great resource for those interested in engaging in improvement science around the Education Doctorate.”

Dr. Patricia Arter, Dr. Lisa Harris, and Dr. Sherry Hoyle, Winthrop University