Freirean Echoes
Scholars and Practitioners Dialogue on Critical Ideas in Education
Published: October 2021
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Published: October 2021
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Published: October 2021
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Published: October 2021
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6" x 9"
Language: English

How do Paulo Freire's ideas echo across time and contexts?

What does the dialogical nature of text mean for critical pedagogy today?

Inspired by Freire, this text utilizes a dialogical framework, inviting the reader into a deeper conceptual and contextual consciousness through the use of many voices. The core of this book has been stored away for several years waiting for loving students of Freire to bring it to life. The original group of lectures is a collection of speeches from keynote panelists given at a Critical Pedagogy conference in 2015 hosted by the Paulo Freire Democratic Project, Attallah College of Educational Studies at Chapman University in Orange, California. Over 200 people attended the conference coming from all parts of the world. Special guest speakers included Dr. Nita Anamaria Freire from Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso (Paulo Freire’s wife), Dr. Antonia Darder from Loyola Marymount University, Dr. Donaldo Macedo from University of Massachusetts, Dr. Peter McLaren and Dr. Tom Wilson from Chapman University. A highlight of the event was the rededication of the Paulo Freire Critical Pedagogy Archives housed in the university’s Leatherby Libraries. These archives hold Paulo’s personal notebook of study, his spectacles, instructional activity cards, and love notes to Nita. The collection also comprises original curriculum developed by Joe Kincheloe, protest posters from all over the world from Peter McLaren, paper mache puppets and curriculum developed by Alma Flor Ada and newspaper clippings and correspondences of Henry Giroux.

Freirean Echoes acts as an archive housing the writings of these and other scholars and activists for posterity. A living collection, the book allows for author voices to be in dialogue with each other and with the reader. This collective “talking text” echoes, reverberates, and amplifies critical Freirean ideas, thereby inviting the reader to extend Freirean thought into their lived experiences.

Perfect for courses such as: Special Topics on Emerging Issues in Sociology of Education | Introduction to Educational Theory | Politics and Education and Special Topics in Comparative Education | Pedagogies of Social Change | Foundations: The Dialectics of the Global and the Local | Social Construction of Difference | Voice, Diversity, Equity and Social Justice | Introduction to Critical Pedagogy


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