The Coming of Age of the Education Doctorate Series
Challenges in (Re)designing EdD Programs
Supporting Change with Learning Cases
Edited by Jill Alexa Perry
Published: October 2022
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Published: October 2022
E-Book (ePub)
Published: October 2022
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6" x 9"
Language: English

The intent of Challenges in (Re)designing EdD Programs: Supporting Change with Learning Cases is to provide faculty, who are seeking to redesign their EdD programs into professional practice doctorate, with case examples that describe common challenges and pitfalls encountered during the redesign process. Each of the cases portray real situations generated from case study research conducted by the chapter authors. Each case is comprised of three parts: a) a contextual overview of the challenge or problem, b) case study notes that ground the challenge or problem in literature and provide deeper understanding of the issues at hand, and c) a set of discussion questions that will guide faculty in conversation about similar issues they may face in their own program redesign. This volume is an invaluable resource for program leaders, faculty, and graduate students involved in EdD programs.

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1
Why Cases? by Jill Alexa Perry

Chapter 2
Preparing Culturally Responsive Leaders at Metro City University by Andrew Leland

Chapter 3
Applied Researcher PhD-lite at Western State University by William Firestone

Chapter 4
Faculty Resistance to Higher Education Program Change: A Case of Difference by Gary M. Crow

Chapter 5
Institutionalizing the Professional Practice Doctorate at Central State University by Jill Alexa Perry

Chapter 6
Social Dynamics and Group Dissertations at Tech University by Andrew Leland

Chapter 7
Reflections on Cases for Program (Re)design by Gary M. Crow




NOTE: Table of contents subject to change up until publication date.