W. Edwards Deming, the System of Profound Knowledge, and the Science of Improving Schools
Published: April 2023
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Published: April 2023

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Published: April 2023
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6" x 9"
Language: English

2024 SPE Outstanding Book Award Winner

Win-Win: W. Edwards Deming, the System of Profound Knowledge, and the Science of Improving Schools
is for systems leaders who lead our country’s school districts, charter management organizations, and educational nonprofits and government agencies, as well as for those who train these system leaders in our graduate schools of education. The strategies for school improvement detailed in this book are based on the theories of W. Edwards Deming, who was known as the father of the quality movement and was hugely influential in post-WWII Japan. He is most well-known for his theories of management.

Win-Win offers real-world strategies to education leaders of improvement, based on Demings’ System of Profound Knowledge. A leader of improvement does not need to be expert in the four components of profound knowledge, but they do need to understand the basic theory, their interconnectedness, and why they are necessary for these efforts. Win-Win provides this basic understanding. This book equips the reader with the knowledge and skills needed to harness the power of the System of Profound Knowledge to improve the performance of schools systems, students, and teachers. It can be used in a variety of classrooms in Colleges of Education, and it is the perfect teaching tool in professional development efforts.

Perfect for courses such as: Organizational Change; Strategies of Educational Leadership; School/District Improvement Using Data Analysis; Supervision Theory and Practice; Theory, Research, & Leadership; Transformational Systems Leadership; Philosophical and Theoretical Foundations of Leadership; The Philosophy of Scientific Knowledge; Systemic Educational Reform; Applied Improvement Science Investigations

Table of Contents:

Foreword by David Langford

Note from United Schools Network by Andrew Boy

Introduction: Deming & Profound Knowledge

Chapter 1: System of Profound Knowledge

Chapter 2: Transformation from Mythology to the New Philosophy

Chapter 3: Principles for Transformation

Chapter 4: System Basics

Chapter 5: Using Systems Thinking

Chapter 6: Understanding Variation

Chapter 7: Using Knowledge about Variation

Chapter 8: Building Knowledge in Context

Chapter 9: Psychology’s Role in Improvement

Chapter 10: A Win-Win for You


Appendix A: Improvement Process

Appendix B: Creating a Process Behavior Chart


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