Tatyana Tsyrlina-Spady

Tatyana Tsyrlina-Spady, Ph.D., is professor emeritus at Kursk State University (Russia) and Adjunct Professor at Seattle Pacific University. She is also a visiting professor at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, teaching at the Summer Institute on Child Advocacy in Action: The Legacy of Janusz Korczak. An author of over 20 books and edited volumes, whose career was largely inspired by Janusz Korczak, she is considered a global expert in education.

Books by Tatyana Tsyrlina-Spady:

Nurture, Care, Respect, and Trust
Transformative Pedagogy Inspired by Janusz Korczak
2021 SPE Outstanding Book Award Honorable Mention

This is a collection of interdisciplinary and logically interconnected papers from nationally and internationally acclaimed researchers in philosophy, psychology, history of education, teacher training, educational leaders and practitioners, child advocates, and educators who have been motivated by the philosophy and pedagogy of Dr. Janusz Korczak (1878-1942), a world famous moral exemplar and champion of children’s rights. The book provides answers to timely questions of how to respect children’s rights in K-12 schools, community centers, summer camps, and colleges; how to create an atmosphere of trust and safety, and provide social-emotional learning in the classroom; how to become a genuine child advocate; and how to support growing child agency. It also tells the story of Korczak, his life, and the lives of the children in his charge. Nurture, Care, Respect, and Trust details how Korczak’s legacy encourages and stimulates new projects and spreads around the world. The volume serves as a rich resource of practical materials for teachers and university instructors, introducing a number of innovative lesson plans, examples of students’ works, and school projects inspired by Korczak’s pedagogy.
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