Mistilina Sato

Mistilina Sato holds a Ph.D. from Stanford University in curriculum and teacher education and a B.A. from Princeton University in geological sciences. Her research focuses on teachers and teaching across the career continuum, including teacher preparation, performance assessment of teachers, early career induction, teacher evaluation, teacher leadership, and policies that affect teachers and teaching. Most recently, she was part of an international team of researchers who studied how policies support high quality and equitable teaching in high performing jurisdictions around the world.

Books by Mistilina Sato:

Stewardship as Teacher Leadership
Portraits From the Profession

The term “teacher leadership” is not without its problems, since some interpret it to have both corporate and hierarchical implications. Stewardship as Teacher Leadership: Portraits from the Profession discusses the impact of changing that language to stewardship, a term that is more inclusive, more professional, and more morally-based. At a time when the work of teachers is critiqued and denigrated, the concept of stewardship within the profession better supports the efforts of all teachers, but particularly early career teachers. Stewards have the best interests of the profession at the forefront of their actions.

Through the “portraits” of a variety of teachers, readers of Stewardship as Teacher Leadership will engage with and recognize how teachers are stewards as they make intentional and deliberate choices in their daily work that have lasting impacts on their relationships with colleagues, their school programs, and the profession in a multiplicity of ways that traditional teacher leadership models often miss.

Perfect for courses in:
Foundations of Education | Introduction to Teaching | Student Teaching Seminars | Teacher Leadership | Educational Leadership

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