Barbara Meyer

Barbara B. Meyer, EdD, is Associate Professor in the School of Teaching & Learning at Illinois State University. She served as Interim Director of the ISU Laboratory Schools (2020-2022), contributes to laboratory school research and teacher preparation initiatives, and serves on the Board of Trustees for the International Association of Laboratory Schools.

Books by Barbara Meyer:

The How and Why of Laboratory Schools
Innovations and Success Stories in Teacher Preparation and Student Learning

The How and Why of Laboratory Schools: Innovations and Success Stories in Teacher Preparation and Student Learning is an eagerly anticipated exploration crafted by esteemed researchers and practitioners from some of the foremost Laboratory Schools across the United States and Internationally. These institutions, also recognized as demonstration schools or university-affiliated schools, play pivotal roles in the landscape of education, serving as bastions of innovation, research, and professional development. At their core, Laboratory Schools are multifaceted entities, assuming key responsibilities such as teacher training and professional development, serving as hubs for research and innovation, embodying models of best practices, fostering collaboration within university communities, shaping curriculum development and evaluation, and championing inclusion and special education. Their impact reverberates throughout the educational sphere, shaping the future of teaching, learning, and educational policies.

The How and Why of Laboratory Schools serves as a beacon in the realm of education literature, offering an array of accessible examples that inspire and enlighten researchers, practitioners, and policymakers alike. With a global perspective, this volume provides a comprehensive snapshot of both the research and practice within Laboratory Schools worldwide, featuring exemplary models not only from the United States but also from various international settings. Spanning an variety of topics including demonstration schools, teacher preparation, innovative pedagogy and curriculum, early childhood education, elementary and primary education, middle and secondary education, STEM-focused initiatives, promotion of democracy, establishment of research laboratories, support for diverse learners, preservice teacher education, collaboration models, and the role of teachers as researchers, this book encompasses the diverse facets of Laboratory Schools' contributions to education.

Moreover, the book serves as a blueprint for the development of new Laboratory Schools, offering insights into various models, funding mechanisms, and strategies for integration into university research and teacher training programs. By showcasing successful examples and providing practical guidance, this book empowers educational institutions to embark on the journey of establishing their own school, enriching both their local communities and the broader educational landscape.

Beyond the present, this book also articulates a compelling case for the future of Laboratory Schools, highlighting their potential to continually innovate, adapt, and lead educational transformation in the years to come. Through its insightful analyses and compelling narratives, The How and Why of Laboratory Schools heralds a future where Laboratory Schools remain at the forefront of educational excellence and innovation, not only domestically but also on the international stage.

Perfect for courses such as: Comparative Education; Education Reform; Professional Development Models; School Improvement; Foundations in Education; Early Childhood Education

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