Colin Lankshear

Colin Lankshear is a freelance educational researcher, writer and teacher with a particular interest in literacies associated with new technologies. He lives in Mexico and is currently adjunct professor at Mount Saint Vincent University (Canada).  Publications include Researching New Literacies: Design, Theory, and Data in Sociocultural Investigation (2017) and A New Literacies Reader: Educational Perspectives (2013; both edited with Michele Knobel).

Books by Colin Lankshear:

Novice and early career researchers often have difficulty with understanding how theory, data analysis and interpretation of findings “hang together” in a well-designed and theorized qualitative research investigation and with learning how to draw on such understanding to conduct rigorous data analysis and interpretation of their analytic results.

Data Analysis, Interpretation, and Theory in Literacy Studies Research demonstrates how to design, conduct and analyze a well put together qualitative research project. Using their own successful studies, chapter authors spell out a problem area, research question, and theoretical framing, carefully explaining their choices and decisions. They then show in detail how they analyzed their data, and why they took this approach. Finally, they demonstrate how they interpreted the results of their analysis, to make them meaningful in research terms.

Approaches include interactional sociolinguistics, microethnographic discourse analysis, multimodal analysis, iterative coding, conversation analysis, and multimediated discourse analysis, among others. This book will appeal to beginning researchers and to literacy researchers responsible for teaching qualitative literacy studies research design at undergraduate and graduate levels.

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