Linda Laidlaw

Linda Laidlaw is a Professor working in the area of early literacy in Language and Literacy Education at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Alberta. She teaches courses at the graduate and undergraduate level in early literacy, drama education, writing, literacy for the elementary years, and research methods. Formerly a classroom teacher, her research focuses on digital and mobile technologies in primary education, diversity, and the relationships between children’s digital practices at home and their experiences at school. Her research takes up case study, auto-ethnographic and microethnographic methods and is informed by complexity thinking and frames from literacy theory. Her latest projects are two international collaborative studies: Reimagining Literacy Education: Being Literate in the Twenty First Century, which aims to develop new frames and strategies for literacy education in a changing world; and Making Literacy Through Maker Literacies: Building Learning Opportunities in Early Childhood, which investigates ‘making’ strategies and pedagogical frames through working with teachers, parents and children.

Books by Linda Laidlaw:

Secret Lives of Children in the Digital Age
Disruptive Devices and Resourceful Learners
Secret Lives of Children in the Digital Age: Disruptive Devices and Resourceful Learners offers an examination of the impact on children, their families and their teachers, as digital technologies and new literacy practices have rapidly transformed how children learn, play and communicate. While ease of access to enormous knowledge bases presents many benefits and advantages, mobile screen technologies are often perceived by parents and teachers as disruptive and worrisome. Developed from a wide range of the authors’ research over the past decade to an examination of remote learning during the COVID 19 pandemic, this book posits that while teachers, parents and governments are focused on protecting children, what is often neglected is children’s own agency and capacity to engage with mobile technologies in ways that support them in pursuing their own interests, pleasures and learning. This text works to disrupt boundaries in research, policy and practice, between home and school, and across virtual and actual worlds, positioning children as both users of media texts and coproducers of digitally mediated knowledge, with peers, family and teachers. Secret Lives of Children in the Digital Age contributes to research on digital literacies, and offers a pedagogical examination of digital possibilities for bringing playfulness and innovation into learning.
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