Joy Howard

Joy Howard is an Associate Professor in the Human Services Department at Western Carolina University. Her work focuses on leadership for constructing humanizing educational communities. She is especially interested in humanizing movements and spacemaking, shared and subversive leadership, and beloved communities within a racist society.

Books by Joy Howard:

All In
Community Engaged Scholarship for Social Change
Edited by Ana Antunes and Joy Howard

All In: Community Engaged Scholarship for Social Change is the first volume of the book series URBAN Matters. The URBAN Matters Book Series is one of the three prongs of the not-for profit organization URBAN Matters, which also includes a blog and virtual talks. The goal of the series, beyond engaging with the chapters in this book, is for readers to find their way into the different spaces that the organization has created to support scholars and activists who share commitments to just education and just research as a means to creating a more socially just world. This initial volume is an extension of over a decade-long collaboration among scholars, activists, educators, and youth across the United States engaged in work with the Urban Research Based Action Network (URBAN). It is a natural outgrowth of work from a network dedicated to building the field of community engaged activist scholarship. URBAN is made up of activist scholars from diverse fields (e.g., sociology, urban planning, education) who live and work in different contexts (e.g., east coast, west coast, Midwest, urban and even rural settings). They come from higher education spaces, non-profits, community organizations and grassroots organizing.

In All In: Community Engaged Scholarship for Social Change, authors at various stages of their academic and professional careers, and in very different geographical contexts and community settings, provide unique examples of the ethos of the network. Readers will be able to envision tangible examples of public scholarship for social justice and be inspired to begin, to continue and to extend their own projects within various communities. Contributors featured in this volume were invited to write about their work based on presentations they gave at the All In Conference in Santa Cruz, CA in 2022. This conference was the largest URBAN-sponsored gathering to date with 440 attendees and was co-sponsored by The Institute for Social Transformation at the University of California, Santa Cruz. The focus of the convening was on critical public scholarship and its role in working towards social justice.

The book is divided into three sections: Teaching and Curriculum as Activism, Community Based Research as Social Justice, and Policy and/or Networking as Justice Work.

Perfect for courses such as: Community Based Research; Research Methods; Qualitative Methods; Public Administration; Public Health

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