Alicia A. Broderick

Alicia A. Broderick is a Professor of Education at Montclair State University. She is a Disability Studies (DS) scholar and a scholar of Critical Autism Studies (CAS). For the past two decades, she has published critical scholarship on autism, deploying a variety of interdisciplinary conceptual frameworks, including critical discourse analysis, rhetoric, cultural studies, and historically-situated analyses of ideology, metaphor and narrative. Her present analysis synthesizes and reframes much of her extant work by deploying the overarching epistemological and ontological lens of neoliberal capitalism in analyzing the shifting meanings of autism within capitalism over the past 75 years.

Books by Alicia A. Broderick:

The Autism Industrial Complex
How Branding, Marketing, and Capital Investment Turned Autism into Big Business
Within capitalism, the Autism Industrial Complex (AIC) produces both autism as commodity and the methods of intervention to deal with it. Comprised of ideological, rhetorical, material, and economic infrastructures, the AIC is not only a variety of businesses and industries that capitalize and profit from it. In the production of autism as commodity, the AIC also produces that commodity’s market, its consumers, and its monopoly control of that market through production for consumption of need for, consent to, and legitimacy of interventionist logics. Given this, almost anyone can capitalize on and profit from autism. And within the AIC, autistic people--their very bodies--function as the raw materials from which this industrial complex is built, even as their very identities and selves become unwitting, and often unwilling, products of the AIC. The Autism Industrial Complex is essential reading for a variety of audiences, from healthcare providers to educators to parents.
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