Stephanie Smith Budhai

Stephanie Smith Budhai, Ph.D. is an associate clinical professor at Drexel University School of Education’s CPED award-winning Education Doctorate in Leadership and Management Program. Stephanie has spent over a decade supporting scholarly practitioners as they journey through their doctoral studies and has supervised dozens of EdD dissertations. Stephanie is the founding co-host of the Drexel EdD IMPACT podcast, which highlights alums who have leveraged their EdDs to lead socially justice practices in their professional fields. Stephanie is also on the CPED Online/Hybrid CIG leadership team and co-chairs the Culture and Climate Committee for the Society of Information Technology and Teacher Education. Stephanie has published myriad books and articles, most recently Culturally Responsive Teaching Online and In-Person: An Action Planner for Dynamic Equitable Learning Environments and Casting a Wider Net: Incorporating Black Feminist Theory to Support EdD Students’ Epistemological Stance Development in Research Methods Courses.

Books by Stephanie Smith Budhai:

The IMPACT of the Scholarly Practitioner Doctorate
Developing Socially-Just Leaders to Make Equitable Change

The IMPACT of the Scholarly Practitioner Doctorate: Developing Socially-Just Leaders to Make Equitable Change is a collection of shared counternarratives between EdD alums and their supervising professor mentors, detailing their dissertation in practice (DiP) journeys as scholarly practitioners and the impact of the scholarly practitioner doctorate on their paths from doctoral students to socially-just leaders in a wide range of educational fields. The IMPACT of the Scholarly Practitioner Doctorate posits these relationships as the catalyst in bringing theory learned in course work to scholarly research that is positioned within practice, focused on contributing to equity-centered work. The book serves as an exemplar learning companion to a wide audience and diverse EdD programs looking to modify, develop, or redesign their programs to align with The Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED) concepts including signature pedagogy, laboratories of practice, inquiry as practice and mentoring and advising. The IMPACT of the Scholarly Practitioner Doctorate demonstrates how change in education, community, and organizations have been impacted in efficacious ways. EdD students and their supervising professors, faculty, and administrators will be able to use this book’s content as their own catalyst for building socially-just leadership knowledge, skills, and dispositions while preparing their EdD students to exhibit equitable change in the professional practice areas they are in.

Perfect for courses such as: Introduction to Educational Research; Social Justice Education Foundations; Leadership for Equity and Social Change; Transformative Leadership; Foundations of Inquiry for Social Justice; Qualitative Inquiry for Social Justice; Critical Perspectives for Equity in Education; Engaging in Critical Social Theories for Designing Research for Equity and Social Justice; Reform and Change for Social Justice; Educational Leadership Development

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