David Bright

David Bright is a lecturer in education at Monash University. His research focuses on the cultural politics of education, both nationally and internationally, with a specific interest in identity and difference informed by postcolonial and poststructural theory. He has published on international education, educational research, and writing as methodology, as well as other subjects.

Books by David Bright:

Exploring Deleuze's Philosophy of Difference
Applications for Critical Qualitative Research
The concept of difference occupies a central place in the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze. In this work, David Bright explores how Deleuze’s difference can be put to work in critical qualitative research. The book explores research and writing as a creative process of dynamically pursuing problems. Following Deleuze’s advice not to think of problems in terms of solutions, the book offers important methodological insights into the ways the subjects, objects, and processes of research might be conceived and represented in writing, exploring the problem of thinking and writing about difference in complex ways without reducing thought to static representations of identity. Bright uses the example of foreign teachers and international schooling in Vietnam to show us how Deleuze’s difference can be used in critical qualitative research, demonstrating the limits of traditional ways of thinking about difference in learning and teaching. Exploring Deleuze's Philosophy of Difference is a book that will interest all those with an interest in the application of Deleuze’s philosophy to critical qualitative research.
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