Madeline J. Smith

Madeline J. Smith has nearly a decade of experience in the field of higher education, specifically in the areas of academic program development and student learning assessment. After starting her career as a legislative liaison to the Ohio Department of Higher Education, she joined the academic affairs division of the agency with responsibilities in the areas of academic program approval and curriculum development. Smith next pursued a Ph.D. in Educational Policy, Planning, and Leadership with an emphasis in Higher Education Administration from the College of William and Mary. Concurrently, she served as the Assistant Director of Assessment at Christopher Newport University and subsequently took on a similar role at the University of Georgia. Smith currently holds a position in the academic affairs division of the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, where she is responsible for the oversight of assessment and research. She has been published in the Journal of College Student Development and was a contributing author to The Dynamic Student Development Meta-Theory: A New Model for Student Success.

Books by Madeline J. Smith:

Generally Speaking
The Impact of General Education on Student Learning in the 21st Century

This extensive overview first surveys the history of general education in the United States. It discusses how the recommendations of stakeholder groups have shaped general education in recent decades. Subsequent chapters detail best practices and findings in the assessment of student learning as it relates to the general education curriculum across institutional types. The discussion then turns to the larger impact of general education on culture and society as students navigate life beyond the undergraduate experience. The final chapters will provide insight into how various institutions are innovating through the general education curriculum, as well as a discussion on the keys to maintaining the relevancy of this curriculum throughout the 21st century and beyond.

Perfect for courses such as:
Assessment of Student Learning | Higher Education Administration
Academic Issues in Higher Education | Introduction to/Foundations of Higher Education

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