Philanthropy, Hidden Strategy, and Collective Resistance
A Primer for Concerned Educators
Published: March 2019
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Published: March 2019
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Published: April 2019
Published: April 2019
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6" x 9"
Language: English

In 1971, corporate lawyer and future U.S. Supreme Court Justice Lewis Powell wrote a detailed memo that galvanized a small group of conservative philanthropists to create an organizational structure and fifty-year plan to alter the political landscape of the United States. Funded with significant “dark money,” the fruits of their labor are evident today in the current political context and sharp cultural divisions in society. Philanthropy, Hidden Strategy, and Collective Resistance examines the ideologies behind the philanthropic efforts in education from the 1970s until today. Authors examine specific strategies philanthropists have used to impact both educational policy and practice in the U.S. as well as the legal and policy context in which these initiatives have thrived. The book, aimed for a broad audience of educators, provides a depth of knowledge of philanthropic funding as well as specific strategies to incite collective resistance to the current context of hyperaccountability, privatization of schooling at all levels, and attempts to move the U.S. further away from a commitment to the collective good.

Table of Contents:

List of Tables and Figures


1. Ideology and Education: An Introduction

2. “The Haves and the Have Mores:” Fueling a Conservative Ideological War on Public Education (or Tracking the Money)” [reprinted]

3. The Haves and the Have Mores”: An Update, 2005–2018

4. Citizens United and the Disuniting of the United States by John Dayton, J.D., Ed.D., & Jamie B. Lewis, J.D., Ph.D.

5. Hidden Strategies State by State: The History and Work of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), 1973–2018

6. Philanthropy Goes to College: Tracking the Money

7. Ideological and Philanthropic Bedfellows: Elevating the Individual over the Collective Good in Education

8. The Megaphone Behind the Myth: The Media’s Role in Shaping Public Discourse about Education Reform

9. Foundry10: A Case of Philanthropy Building School and Community Partnerships
by Lisa Castaneda

10. Collective Resistance: Resources for Change

About the Authors


Reviews & Endorsements:

"Philanthropy, Hidden Strategy, and Collective Resistance makes a timely and critical contribution to conversations surrounding the impact of philanthropy on US education. As such, this text will be of interest to a diverse set of disciplines including, but not limited to: education and the sub-fields sociology of education, history of education, philosophy of education, and higher education; political science and sociology. In addition to its use as a teaching tool within higher education classrooms, this text will be of equal interest to educational researchers, policy-makers, educational philanthropists, and practitioners."

Amy Stich, Assistant Professor of Higher Education, University of Georgia

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