New Directions for Theorizing in Qualitative Inquiry Series
New Directions in Theorizing Qualitative Research
The Arts
Published: February 2020
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Published: March 2020
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Published: March 2020

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Published: March 2020
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6" x 9"
Language: English

This volume on arts-based research explores the transformative power of arts for qualitative inquiry and beyond. The chapters address multiple approaches from within arts-based research and suggest that art can be mobilized to reorient the political, especially when we find the political aim straying from its proper target of truth and justice. Artistic representation is never an end in itself, for the goal is to change the way we think about people and their lives. Arts-based research makes the world visible in new and different ways, in ways ordinary scholarly writing does not allow. The Arts develops a utopian idea of belonging, illustrating how moments of history, biography, culture, politics and lived experience come together in the aesthetic. Ultimately, the content of the book examines how artistic insights resonate in arts-based research, something that not only gives us criteria for assessing the quality of ethical engagement in arts-based research practice, but also provides a conceptual framework for living more just lives through art.

Table of Contents:

Arts-Based Research for Troubled Times
James Salvo

Chapter One
Small Acts of Activism: Singing Utopia
Anne Harris

Chapter Two
Still Hanging/On: “Strange Fruit” and “Glory”: Songs of/as/in Protest
Bryant Keith Alexander

Chapter Three
Suburban Black Suburban Blue
David Carless

Chapter Four
Singing in Troubled Times
Kitrina Douglas

Chapter Five
Tightrope Walking: Songs for Healing
Marcelo Diversi

Chapter Six
Our Ethical Responsibility to Refine ABR Definitions
Dafna Moriya

Chapter Seven
Disinterestedness as a Post-Pragmatic Criterion for the Ethical Practice of ABR
Richard Siegesmund

Chapter Eight
Relational Whirlpools
Joseph D. Sweet, Emppu Nurminen, & Mirka Koro-Ljungberg

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Reviews & Endorsements:

"Good books generate a dialogue. I identified two underlying themes in this book as a basis for a discussion: (a) the roles of the arts in (Arts-Based Research), from intensified narrative to expressing the ineffable, and (b) the intimate, powerful connections between the arts and ethics. Indeed, this grappling has been central to qualitative texts from early ethnographic and phenomenological research. I applaud the editors and authors for initiating – with aesthetic and ethical commitment – a timely, engaging conversation on such crucial issues." (Read full review HERE.)

Reviewed by Liora Bresler for Teachers College Record, ID No. 23495