Qualitative Research Methodologies: Traditions, Designs, and Pedagogies Series
Focus Groups
Culturally Responsive Approaches for Qualitative Inquiry and Program Evaluation
Published: March 2020
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Published: March 2020
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Published: April 2020

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Published: April 2020
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6" x 9"
Language: English

A 2021 AERA Qualitative Research SIG Outstanding Book Award winner

Focus Groups: Culturally Responsive Approaches for Qualitative Inquiry and Program Evaluation
takes an in-depth look at how culturally-responsive focus groups are developed and implemented within the context of qualitative inquiry broadly, and program evaluation more specifically. The book showcases various forms of focus groups and how they can be responsive to specific communities across different disciplines. This book provides:

  • an historical perspective on focus groups
  • a theoretical foundation helpful for supporting focus groups with marginalized groups, vulnerable populations (older adults, children), and participants within non-Western settings
  • basic procedures for conducting focus groups
  • guidelines for cultural responsiveness and
  • case examples of alternative approaches to focus groups that target specific communities and those in different contexts.
It also considers ethical issues around the use of culturally responsive focus groups, while providing guidance on analyzing and interpreting your data and establishing the credibility of your study. Focus Groups is an information rich resource for qualitative researchers and program evaluators at various levels who want to learn about or enhance their knowledge on designing and conducting culturally responsive focus groups.

Perfect for courses such as:
Foundations of Culturally Responsive Focus Groups | Culturally Responsive Approaches to Program Evaluation Practicing Qualitative Program Evaluation | Qualitative Research: Culturally Responsive Methods | Focus Groups in Research | Introduction to Qualitative Methods | Methods in Educational Research | Program Evaluation Practice | Designing Qualitative Research

Table of Contents:



1. Introduction

2. Design

3. Focus Group Protocol Development, Engaging Participants, and the Moderator’s Role

4. Establishing Culturally Responsive Focus Group Quality

5. Culturally Responsive Focus Groups with Youths and Older Adults

6. Indigenous- and Feminist-Oriented Focus Groups

7. Culturally Responsive Online Focus Groups

8. Approaches to Support Data Analysis and Interpretations of Culturally Responsive Focus Groups

Appendix A: Sample Focus Group Protocol

Appendix B: Using Sista Circles to Conduct Research

About and With Sista Scholars

About the Author


Reviews & Endorsements:

“Dr. Hall artfully demonstrates how to use culturally responsive focus groups for social justice through practical research techniques and case examples that show how the researcher can be an agent of change and give a voice to marginalized communities.”

Stacy Penna, Ed.D., NVivo Community Director, QSR International

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