Pedagogies of With-ness
Students, Teachers, Voice and Agency
Published: August 2020
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Published: August 2020
E-Book (ePub)
Published: August 2020
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Published: August 2020
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6" x 9"
Language: English

Across the globe, students are speaking up, walking out, and marching for social and ecological justice. Despite deficit discourses about students, youth are using their voice and agency to call forth a better world. Will educators respond to this call to stand with students in relational solidarity as co-constructors of a new tomorrow? What is possible when teachers and students engage together in new ways? Pedagogies of With-ness: Students, Teachers, Voice and Agency offers insight into the transformative possibilities of education when enacted as the art of being with. Driven by student voices and their experiences of marginalization, this text takes a clear ethical stance. It asserts that students are both capable and competent. Taking a narrative approach, this book honors academic work that is rooted in educational practice. Expanding beyond traditional conceptions of student voice, chapters engage in meditations on three themes: identity, pedagogy, and partnership. This book is an exploration of with-ness, a way of knowing, being, and acting. By centralizing the all-too-often suppressed wisdom of youth, teachers and researchers engage in new forms of critique and possibility-making with students. Editors reflect on this central theme, exploring the dimensions of such pedagogies of with-ness. Through this book, teachers are invited to imagine pedagogy under this new framework, actively committed to students, their voice, and mutual engagement.

Table of Contents:


Kevin Kumashiro

Student voice and agency: Introducing three galleries of work
Linda Hogg, Kevin Stockbridge, Charlotte Achieng-Evensen, and Suzanne SooHoo

Who is Listening to Students?
Christopher Lewis

The Identity and Voice Gallery

The Identity and Voice Gallery
Charlotte Achieng-Evensen

“The Unnecessary Gendering of Everything”: Gender Diverse Adults Speak Back to Their K-12 Schools
Katherine Lewis

Truancy: Young People Walk Away from Negative School Factors
Delia Baskerville

Rooted and Rising: The Self-liberation of Female African-American Students
Michelle Flowers-Taylor

Voices of Scholars: Academically Successful Black Males and Their Stories of Culturally Relevant Pedagogies
Quaylan Allen

Empowering Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
Gabrielle Popp

Into the Future By, With and For Indigenous Youth: Rangatahi Māori Leading Youth Conversations
Huia Tomlins-Jahnke, Joanna Kidman, and Adreanne Ormond

The Pedagogy Gallery

The Pedagogy Gallery
Linda Hogg

Making Music Grow: Student Perspectives on Culturally Responsive Music Education
Tracy Rohan

“People Don’t Understand”: Children Learning Through Drama as a Way to Develop Student Voice
Delia Baskerville and Dayle Anderson

Student Voices in the Digital Hubbub
Chris Proctor and Antero Garcia

“Multiple Perspectives and Many Connections”: Systems Thinking and Student Voice
Amy Lassiter Ardell and Margaret Sauceda Curwen

Finding Hope Through Dystopian Novels
Christopher Lewis

The Youth-Adult Partnerships Gallery

The Youth-Adult Partnerships Gallery
Kevin Stockbridge

We’re the bosses: Youth Action Council Designs an Equitable Makerspace
Day Greenberg, Micaela Balzar, Angela Calabrese Barton, Edna Tan, YAC Youth

Repurposing the Master’s Tools: Leveraging Business Education to Build a Better World
Linda Hogg and Anne Yates

Applying Gentleness Against the Force: The Dojo as a Site of Liberation for Autistic People
Erin McCloskey

“It Was Time for Us To Take A Stand”: An Ethnic Studies Classroom and the Power of Student Voice
Jorge F Rodriguez, Carah Reed and Karen Garcia

Collaborative Leadership: A Story of Student-Principal School Transformation
Susanne Jungersen

Angeles Workshop School: An Experiment in Student Voice
Ndindi Kitonga

Pedagogies of With-ness: Reflecting on and Beyond the Exhibition
Linda Hogg, Charlotte Achieng-Evensen, Kevin Stockbridge, and Suzanne SooHoo