Queer Singularities: LGBTQ Histories, Cultures, and Identities in Education Series
Our Children Are Your Students
LGBTQ Families Speak Out
Published: January 2021
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Published: January 2021
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Published: January 2021
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Published: January 2021
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6" x 9"
Language: English

Many schools have failed to create a nurturing educational environment for LGBTQ students. Our Children are Your Students features a discussion about the various tactics that LGBTQ families use to work with schools that don’t anticipate the arrival of their families and children. The book features a verbatim theatre script called Out at School, which is based on interviews conducted with 37 LGBTQ families about their experiences in school. The families live in four different cities in the province of Ontario as well as in the suburbs and rural communities surrounding them. Written by Tara Goldstein, Jenny Salisbury, and Pam Baer, the play contains 22 scenes of verbatim monologues and dialogues. A set of images created by visual artist benjamin lee hicks accompanies each scene. The play also contains three original songs composed by musician Kate Reid, who draws on a number of the themes embedded in the scenes. Links to performances of the songs and to the artwork can be seen on the LGBTQ Families Speak Out project website: www.lgbtqfamiliesspeakout.ca. This is an important book for teachers and pre-service teachers who are interested in creating inclusive classroom environments for all students.

Perfect for courses such as: School and Society | Social Foundations of Education | Multicultural Education | Critical Pedagogy | Inclusive Education | Gender, Sexuality, & Schooling

Table of Contents:

List of Figures and Images


Dennis Sumara

The Experiences of LGBTQ Families at School

Chapter 1
From Anonymity to Testimony and Autobiography
Tara Goldstein

Chapter 2
This Is Our Family: A Verbatim Theatre Script
Tara Goldstein, Pam Baer, and Jenny Salisbury

Chapter 3
Queering Classrooms and Schools
Katie Reid and Tara Goldstein

Chapter 4
Ethical Principles and Practices for Research with LGBTQ Families: A Living Document
Bishop (formerly Yasmin) Owis and Tara Goldstein

Chapter 5
Naming and Renaming
benjamin lee hicks and Tara Goldstein



Reviews & Endorsements:

"Our Children Are Your Students points to the everyday challenges and celebrations of LGBTQ families and children as they navigate their way through the Canadian education system. Incorporating the voices of LGBTQ families who are so often silenced by schools, Tara Goldstein and the LGBTQ Families research team have done a truly wonderful job in bringing their experiences to light. An inspiring, honest, hopeful, sensitive, thought-provoking and beautifully presented book. All teachers, pre-service teachers and teacher educators must read this. In all honesty, I could hardly put it down."

Tania Ferfolja, Associate Professor, School of Education, Centre for Educational Research, Western Sydney University, Australia

"Our Children Are Your Students is part teaching, part research, part art, and 100% devoted to improving the quality of the lives of LGBTQ students and their families. Goldstein (and her fellow authors) have an ear for beautiful words, creating theatre from family testimonies of struggle and joy within our education system. If teachers, professors, and community professionals are serious about following human rights laws for the inclusion of LGBTQ families, they should open up this book. If LGBTQ families want to feel less alone, they can find their loving stories within the pages."

Karleen Pendleton Jiménez, Professor, School of Education, Gender and Social Justice, Trent University, Canada