New Directions for Theorizing in Qualitative Inquiry Series
Qualitative Research in the Time of COVID
Lessons Learned and Opportunities Presented During a Pandemic
Published: May 2023
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Published: May 2023

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Published: May 2023
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6" x 9"
Language: English

Qualitative Research in the Time of COVID: Lessons Learned and Opportunities Presented During a Pandemic focuses broadly upon educational issues during the COVID-19 pandemic. The chapters make note of how contextual understandings are important for the future of researchers, especially when those contexts involve inequality made more acute since the pandemic. The chapters illustrate the importance of creating a climate of care based upon the principles of care ethics, and also examine projects that could be taken in the context of necessary self-care during challenging times. Chapters address the climate of caring in both in-person and online educational spaces and what it means to support students in an expanded conception of classroom space. In discussions ranging from exemplars of arts-based, personal narrative to completing a dissertation during a pandemic, chapters share both the immensity of the challenges and the rewards of productive and meaningful work both domestically and internationally. In the context of the living taking place after the pandemic’s coming into being as an event, this volume humbly offers writings as documents of remembrance of our historical present, offering with the hope that the historical may continue to move forward with an ethics of care ever in the foreground.

Qualitative Research in the Time of COVID is perfect for such courses as Qualitative Research, Qualitative Inquiry, Ethnography, Teacher Education, Action Research, and Educational Research.

Table of Contents:

List of Figures and Tables

Intro: Remembrance and an Ethics of Care: Living After the Event of the Pandemic’s Coming into Being

James Salvo

One: Teaching and Learning of Qualitative Research in Times of COVID-19 in Mexico

Edith J. Cisneros-Cohernour, Roger J. González-González, and Karla E. Atoche-Rodríguez

Two: “They Could Count on Me”: Educational Leadership Educators’ Development of a Culture of Caring During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Jill Channing and Georgina E. Wilson

Three: Viral Epistolary: A Digital Community for Individual and Collective Writing at the Time of the First COVID-19 Wave

Ciro De Vincenzo, Anita Franceschi, and Monica Massari

Four: LM K, Blue-Heart Emoji & Smiling Face: Using SMS Pedagogy Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ezequiel Korin

Five: COVID-19 Lockdown: An Arts-Based Narrative

Aravindhan Natarajan

Six: Finishing a Dissertation in Lockdown: “I Might Not Live to Become an Academic”

Carol Rogers-Shaw


Reflections on Cross-Cultural Feminist Research During COVID: Guiding Principles, Challenges Faced, and Lessons Learned 

Cathy Raymond

Eight: Refugee Youth Amidst Multiple Pandemics: Mobilizing Hope and Solidarity through Collective Memory Writing

Emina Bužinkić

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