Mirka Koro

Mirka Koro (Ph.D., University of Helsinki) is a Professor of qualitative research at the Arizona State University. Her scholarship operates in the intersection of methodology, philosophy, and socio-cultural critique and her work aims to contribute to methodological knowledge, experimentation, and theoretical development across various traditions associated with qualitative research. She has published in various qualitative and educational journals and she is the author of Reconceptualizing Qualitative Research: Methodologies without Methodology (2016) and co-editor of Disrupting Data in Qualitative Inquiry: Entanglements with the Post-Critical and Post-Anthropocentric (2017).

Books by Mirka Koro:

Intra-Public Intellectualism
Critical Qualitative Inquiry in the Academy

In a decidedly anti-intellectual moment, exemplified by such recent phenomena as denials of science, defunding of universities, and distrust of “facts,” Intra-Public Intellectualism examines the relationships among qualitative inquiry, truth telling and social activism. 

With contributions from scholars and activists around the world, the book addresses three key tensions in the field of social inquiry. The first tension concerns the proliferation of digital environments and virtual spaces, exploring how the “public” in public intellectualism might be reconsidered. The second tension concerns the ongoing critiques of truth and subjectivity, exploring how these disruptions change the work of the intellectual. The third tension concerns the growing scientific and philosophical rejection of static material worlds, exploring what becomes of social responsibility and justice when agency extends beyond human subjects. 

Intra-Public Intellectualism will be a must read for those interested in the roles of the intellectual in the academy and beyond and those keen on rethinking critical social inquiry for the twenty-first century.

Perfect for courses such as: Introduction to Qualitative Research | Critical Qualitative Inquiry and Critical Theory | Social Context and Education | Foundations of Education | Cultural Studies and Public Pedagogy | Curriculum Theory | Social Justice and Education | Advanced Qualitative Methodology | Interpretivist Inquiry | Posthumanist Inquiry | New Materialist Inquiry | Arts-Based Inquiry

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