Gaile S. Cannella

Gaile S. Cannella is an independent scholar who has served as a tenured Full Professor at Texas A&M University, College Station, and at Arizona State University, Tempe, as well as the Velma Schmidt Endowed Chair of Education at the University of North Texas. Her work has appeared in a range of journals and volumes, including Qualitative Inquiry, Cultural Studies - Critical Methodologies, and International Review of Qualitative Research. Her most recent books are: Critical Qualitative Research Reader (2012) with Shirley Steinberg; Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Care and Education (second edition 2018) with Marianne Bloch and Beth Swadener; Critical Qualitative Inquiry: Foundations and Futures (2015) with Michelle Pérez and Penny Pasque; and Critical Examinations of Quality in Childhood Education and Care (2016) with Michelle Pérez and I-Fang Lee. She is currently working on research projects that include: early years critical perspectives in education, and critical qualitative inquiry as public activisms and unthought imaginary. Dr. Cannella received the 2017 Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Education and Care Bloch Career Award.

Books by Gaile S. Cannella:

This volume engages researchers with the notion of critical qualitative inquiry (CQI) as a direct practice of resistance. As female educators and researchers who have (through our politically activist sister) been referred to as “Nasty Women” in the US presidential debates, we believe that it is our responsibility to respond through our inquiry to the violent reinscription of intersecting forms of injustice and marginalization. The purposes of this volume are therefore (1) to demonstrate personal actions taken by researchers to deal with thoughts/feelings of despair as well as how to move toward survival, and (2) to explore historical, new, and rethought research and activist methodologies (frameworks) as counter measures broadly and for public education specifically. Examples of CQI as resistance in response to the particular neoliberal patriarchal, whitelash presidential election event are provided by featured authors. Additionally, resources related to activist scholarship are provided. These frameworks, resources, and perspectives are also useful for future research in reaction to neoliberalism, patriarchy, and white supremacy.

Perfect for courses such as: Qualitative Research, Curriculum Studies, Women and Gender Studies, Race and Ethnic Studies, Sociology of Education, Social Justice and Education, Democracy and Civics, Community Engagement, Policy Studies, Critical Race Theory, Intersectional Studies, Posthuman Inquiry, and Activism and Performance Inquiry.

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