João M. Paraskeva

João M. Paraskeva is a Professor and founding Chair of the Department of Educational Leadership and of the Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. Founder of the journal Curriculum Sem Fronteiras, his latest books include Curriculum Epistimicides, which won an AERA Book Award; Towards a Just Curriculum Theory: The Epistemicide; and The Generation of the Utopia: Decolonizing Critical Curriculum Theory. His work has been translated into Greek, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, and Finnish.

Books by João M. Paraskeva:

Critical Transformative Educational Leadership and Policy Studies - A Reader
Discussions and Solutions from the Leading Voices in Education
Edited by João M. Paraskeva
Critical Transformative Educational Leadership and Policy Studies - A Reader is a comprehensive collection of critical contributions from most of the leading voices in the fields of educational leadership and educational policy studies, pushing back against the current neoliberal authoritarian environment. The volume offers alternative ways to perceive and to formulate education leadership and policy from a critical transformative perspective. Individual chapters discuss such topics as social justice in education; poverty, race and public education; counter-hegemonic education movements; the privatization of schools; and school reform and advocacy leadership, among others, all from a critical perspective. It is a crucial and timely volume for educators, school administrators, educational leaders, social activists, and union leaders concerned with the current state of our universities and our education system.
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