Sable Manson

Sable Manson, Ph.D., is the Assistant Director for Student Leadership and Development at the University of Southern California’s Joint Educational Project (JEP). Sable has been identified as one of the Future50 Faith leaders in Los Angeles by USC’s Center for Religion and Civic Culture and the Interreligious Council of Southern California (IRC), and serves as Interfaith Minister-in-Residence for the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles.

Books by Sable Manson:

Remixed and Reimagined
Innovations in Religion, Spirituality, and (Inter)Faith in Higher Education
Edited by J.T. Snipes and Sable Manson

Remixed and Reimagined: Innovations in Religion, Spirituality, and (Inter)faith in Higher Education is a new edited book that invites readers to rethink and re-examine the traditional paradigms in which religion, spirituality, and interfaith (RSI) have been studied within higher education and student affairs settings. This volume introduces new theoretical frameworks that enrich and enliven the study of RSI, making it more dynamic, inclusive, and, most importantly, innovative. It is framed by a commitment to social justice and intersectionality, while centering the narratives of the religiously marginalized. The text is divided into two units. The first unit explores new and emergent frameworks for analyzing and interpreting RSI in higher education and student affairs. The second unit puts various theoretical frameworks into practice, while highlighting the often-marginalized voices of the religiously minoritized. The book concludes with a call for researchers to begin exploring the new proposed horizons within the study of RSI in higher education and student affairs. This text is perfect for graduate level seminars in higher education and student affairs programs. It is also an invaluable resource for researchers and scholars.

Perfect for courses such as:
Religion in Popular Culture | Religion and Spirituality in Higher Education | Introduction to the Study of Religion | Introduction to Interfaith (Multifaith studies) | Interfaith Dialogue on Campus | Introduction to Queer Studies | Contemporary Issues in LGBTQ Studies | Introduction to Diversity | Masters of Education (Graduate Level) | Politics of Difference | Diversity and Identity | Diverse Issues in Higher Education | Student Affairs

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